Parrot Education and Adoption Center (PEAC) 

A fast-growing organization committed to reducing the numbers of unwanted parrots through owner education and rehabilitation of pet birds. Please consider joining the chapter nearest you and take advantage of their wonderful classes and seminars.

PEAC - Cleveland Chapter.   Tel: 440-349-1700.  E-mail:

PEAC - Pittsburgh Chapter.   Tel: 724-378-7588.  E-mail:

PEAC - San Diego Chapter.  Tel: 619-287-8200.  E-mail:   

Holistic Bird Newsletter  Devoted to Health and Healing of the Avian Mind, Body,  & Spirit.

Companion Parrot Quarterly  Highly recommended information source for owners who want to better understand their birdsí behavior and needs.

Association of Avian Veterinarians (AAV).  Track down an avian vet in your area.

World Parrot Trust Dedicated to the survival of parrot species in the wild and the welfare of captive birds through conservation and education. 

Shades of Red and Green Eclectus  Because cockatoos arenít for everyone!

Parrot Island  An excellent source of parrot supplies and information.

Project Bird Watch  Help for the Native Birds of Indonesia




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