Cockatoos have one of the most complex psyches of all birds, and their need for closeness with other creatures makes them both endearing and difficult pets. A Cockatoo is not a domesticated creature like a  dog or cat and is born without the foggiest idea of how to be a companion animal.  Your baby Cockatoo will be all grown up in a few short years, and you are directly responsible for teaching it the skills it will need to successfully and happily coexist with people for the rest of its life.  A Cockatoo should be purchased only after much thought and research and then raised with a thorough understanding of Cockatoo behavior and lots of firm, loving guidance.  Parrot rescue shelters are full of aggressive, screaming, neurotic birds that were condemned to a future of being passed from one owner to another because well meaning but uninformed people bought sweet, cuddly babies on impulse.  


        A Cockatoo can be one of the most entertaining and delightful pets you will ever own, but only if you accept, understand and enjoy the birdís natural characteristics. They can be rowdy, sassy, messy, unpredictable and in some cases, aggressive. Cockatoos scream in anger, in joy and sometimes just for the sheer love of making noise. They are incredibly intelligent and capable of an amazing amount of mischief. They also have a finely developed talent for destruction. You cannot put a Cockatoo in a cage and forget about it because it requires the commitment that you make it a part of your family.


        A Cockatoo will demand your attention, try your patience and repay you with a lifetime of love and laughter.



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